Day: December 9, 2010

cd cover + colorize in gimp

Copyright (C) 1995 Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis . GPL GIMP colorize.c . . . void colorize (Colorize *colorize, PixelRegion *srcPR, PixelRegion *destPR) { const guchar *src, *s; guchar *dest, *d; gboolean alpha; gint w, h; gint lum; /* Set the transfer arrays (for speed) */ h = srcPR->h; src = srcPR->data; dest = destPR->data; …

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RMS + lomograph

A Lomograph holds a charm all of its own. Somehow, everything is amplified, making ordinary objects stand out, enhancing details that would normally go unnoticed. Characterised by ever-changing variables such as the mysterious vignettes that frame the shot, light leaks, lo-fi grain, beautiful blurs, the magical balance of contrast and saturation just to name a …

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