names of targets and files being debugged

From gdb.
info files -- Names of targets and files being debugged
Local exec file:
        `/usr/bin/xine', file type elf64-x86-64.
        Entry point: 0x409e30
        0x0000000000400200 - 0x000000000040021c is .interp
        0x000000000040021c - 0x000000000040023c is .note.ABI-tag
        0x000000000040023c - 0x0000000000400260 is
        0x0000000000400260 - 0x0000000000400dac is .hash
        0x0000000000400db0 - 0x0000000000400e6c is .gnu.hash
        0x0000000000400e70 - 0x0000000000403960 is .dynsym
        0x0000000000403960 - 0x00000000004053f8 is .dynstr
        0x00000000004053f8 - 0x000000000040578c is .gnu.version
        0x0000000000405790 - 0x0000000000405860 is .gnu.version_r
        0x0000000000405860 - 0x0000000000405920 is .rela.dyn
        0x0000000000405920 - 0x0000000000408278 is .rela.plt
        0x0000000000408278 - 0x0000000000408290 is .init
        0x0000000000408290 - 0x0000000000409e30 is .plt
        0x0000000000409e30 - 0x00000000004a0ed8 is .text
        0x00000000004a0ed8 - 0x00000000004a0ee6 is .fini
        0x00000000004a0f00 - 0x00000000004c5098 is .rodata
        0x00000000004c5098 - 0x00000000004c8334 is .eh_frame_hdr
        0x00000000004c8338 - 0x00000000004d47ec is .eh_frame
        0x00000000006d47f0 - 0x00000000006d4800 is .ctors
        0x00000000006d4800 - 0x00000000006d4810 is .dtors
        0x00000000006d4810 - 0x00000000006d4818 is .jcr
        0x00000000006d4818 - 0x00000000006d4a88 is .dynamic
        0x00000000006d4a88 - 0x00000000006d4a90 is .got
        0x00000000006d4a90 - 0x00000000006d5870 is .got.plt
        0x00000000006d5880 - 0x00000000006d68f0 is .data
        0x00000000006d6900 - 0x00000000006d9ac0 is .bss
$objdump -h /usr/bin/xine | grep .text
 13 .text         000970a8  0000000000409e30  0000000000409e30  00009e30  2**4
$objdump -h /usr/bin/xine | grep .init
 11 .init         00000018  0000000000408278  0000000000408278  00008278  2**2

objdump – display information from object files.
-h switch = Display summary information from the section headers of the object file.