Re: Bug#433568: VLANs during install are important

On Sat, Jan 30, 2010 at 02:22:34PM +0100, Josef Wolf wrote:
 On Sat, Jan 30, 2010 at 08:41:25PM +1100, Matthew Palmer wrote:

  At any rate, the size of the initrd isn't a download problem so much as an
  installer memory footprint problem -- which isn't mitigated by using an
  install CD.
  [ ... ]
    We usually don't do make such changes lightly.
   I guess this decision is not up to me. ;-)
  No, but you can help the decision be made by demonstrating precisely how
  much of a "cost" there actually is by building up a customised installer
  and presenting the appropriate statistics.

 On i386, the cost would be about:

    50244 bytes for the kernel modules
  +  8224 bytes for vconfig (might be reduced by using vconfig from busybox)
  +  1000 bytes for necfg changes (this is an estimation)
  + ????? for the udeb packaging (does this count? It don't end up in initrd)

 So the unpacked initrd size would be increased by ca. 60 kbytes.

 But cost is not the only criteria, I think. Benefit is another one. Install
 over vlan is not exactly a common use case. Up to now, I've seen only 5
 people showing interest into this topic at all: Luca, Philipp, Robert,
 Ferenc and me. This is probably not _that_ mass of request that would
 justify _any_ cost?

 Given the initrd increase, I think we should drop the idea about integration
 into d-i. I don't know about the other four people, but I build customized
 install CDs anyway, and I have integrated vlan-install already into them
 (though the integration is not as clean yet as it should be for d-i)

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