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$grep -r setup *
boot/head.s:	call setup_idt
boot/head.s:	call setup_gdt
boot/head.s:	mov %ax,%es		# reloaded in 'setup_gdt'
boot/head.s: *  setup_idt
boot/head.s: *  setup_gdt
boot/head.s:	jmp setup_paging
include/linux/sys.h:extern int sys_setup();
include/linux/sys.h:fn_ptr sys_call_table[] = { sys_setup, sys_exit, sys_fork, sys_read,
include/unistd.h:#define __NR_setup	0	/* used only by init, to get system going */
init/main.c:static inline _syscall0(int,setup)
init/main.c: * Interrupts are still disabled. Do necessary setups, then
init/main.c:	setup();
kernel/hd.c:int sys_setup(void)


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