stat – display file or file system status

GNU Command  stat -f  / 

$stat -f /
  File: "/"
    ID: bc427fdafb7b0541 Namelen: 255     Type: ext2/ext3
Block size: 4096       Fundamental block size: 4096
Blocks: Total: 18864769   Free: 16209639   Available: 15251363
Inodes: Total: 4792320    Free: 4684854


Display file or file system status.

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static bool
do_statfs (char const *filename, bool terse, char const *format)
  STRUCT_STATVFS statfsbuf;

  if (STATFS (filename, &statfsbuf) != 0)
      error (0, errno, _("cannot read file system information for %s"),
             quote (filename));
      return false;

  if (format == NULL)
      format = (terse
                ? "%n %i %l %t %s %S %b %f %a %c %dn"
                : "  File: "%n"n"
                "    ID: %-8i Namelen: %-7l Type: %Tn"
                "Block size: %-10s Fundamental block size: %Sn"
                "Blocks: Total: %-10b Free: %-10f Available: %an"
                "Inodes: Total: %-10c Free: %dn");

  print_it (format, filename, print_statfs, &statfsbuf);
  return true;

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Stat the file system and print what we find.

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Related Knowledge

Due to  shell aliases and built-in  `stat' command, using
an unadorned `stat' interactively  or in a script may get
you  different functionality  than  that described  here.
Invoke  it via  `env' (i.e.,  `env stat  ...')   to avoid
interference from the shell.


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