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Hacking with the quote command on Bash shell

ABOUT Quoting Quoting is used to remove the special meaning of certain characters or words to the shell. Quoting can be used to disable special treatment for special characters, to prevent reserved words from being recognized as such, and to prevent parameter expansion. Each of the shell metacharacters (*note Definitions::) has special meaning to the

What does the command “netstat ” do ?

ABOUT netstat In computing, netstat (network statistics) is a command-line network utility tool that displays network connections for the Transmission Control Protocol (both incoming and outgoing), routing tables, and a number of network interface (network interface controller or software-defined network interface) and network protocol statistics. It is available on Unix-like operating systems including macOS, Linux,

Handling File Name With Space

commandline session $ > test file Usage: file [-bchikLlNnprsvz0] [–apple] [–mime-encoding] [–mime-type] [-e testname] [-F separator] [-f namefile] [-m magicfiles] file … file -C [-m magicfiles] file [–help] $ls test $ls -l total 0 -rw-r–r– 1 jeffrin jeffrin 0 Nov 8 23:59 test $> “test file” $ls test test file $ls -l total 0 -rw-r–r–