The fc command lists, edits, or re-executes commands previously entered to a shell

fc is used to list or edit and re-execute commands from
the history list. FIRST and LAST can be numbers specifying
the range, or FIRST can be a string, which means the most
recent command beginning with that string.

$fc -l
2048	 git commit -am "work"
2049	 git push -u origin master
2050	 ls
2051	 ps x
2052	 ls
2053	 git push -u upstream  master
2054	 ls
2055	 git add 26-Phone.png 
2056	 git commit -am "work"
2057	 git push -u upstream  master
2058	 git push -u origin  master
2059	 ls
2060	 man fc
2061	 ls
2062	 man fc
2063	 ls
$fc -e - ls
10-Speakers.png                       19-Point.png                      3.png               circle
11-Keyboard.png                       20-Line.png                       4-Cycle.png         ellipse
12-HappyBirthday.png                  21-Game-related.png               5-Scooter.png       hello-web.pde
13-post-work-using-processing.js.png  22-Game-related-color-change.png  6-House.png         line
14-Ellipse.png                        23-Battery.png                    7-Hat.png           point
15-Ellipse.png                        24-Glass.png                      8-Bat-and-Ball.png  quad
16-Ellipse.png                        25-Toothpick-related.png          9-Christmas.png     rectangle
17-Ellipse.png                        26-Phone.png                      arc                 triangle
18-Circle.png                         2.png                             array.pde